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Shane Dawson DENIES Having the Coronavirus?

He just had to let everyone know

Our friend Shane Dawson said that he thought he had the Coronavirus in January but took down those social media posts. He says that he doesn’t want to send anyone into a conspiracy theory from the comments he made.

Shane Dawson took to the internet to let everyone know that he doesn¡¯t have the Corona Virus after a recent scare that he gave the disease to some friends and family members.

You¡¯re watching What¡¯s Trending, be sure to like and subscribe to keep up to date with your social media news daily. Here at What¡¯s Trending, we are bringing you all of your latest news from the comfort of our homes. Right now we are talking about Shane Dawson and how he recently thought he had the Corona Virus. In some Instagram Stories he posted a while back, the YouTuber took to the internet to say that he felt he had the virus quite some time ago.

Shane really thought that he had the virus and gave it to many people close to him back in January. This was before the virus really did make a sweep in the US and before many cases had come up as well. Shane claims that he had been tested for the flu and may other things and came back negative across the board. This has been a common occurrence for not only people across the US, but many of his fans also took to Twitter with similar experiences. However, after he had the stories up for quite some time, Dawson took the posts off the internet.

Overall, he really thought it wasn¡¯t best to have them up and create a state of fear for people while we are going through times like this. In addition, he didn¡¯t want anyone to think that he was making a conspiracy or sending a wrong message about the epidemic that¡¯s sweeping the globe. He reiterated that the only thing that matters right now is to send support to those around us in this serious matter, and we could not agree more.

In the follow up stories, he explained that he had a major moment of anxiety and deleted the posts.

Shane also wanted to let everyone again know that he wasn¡¯t trying to make a conspiracy out of a serious matter, and again he took them down for that reason.

We hope everyone is also taking this matter very seriously and taking time for themselves and their loved ones. As many are reporting, the state of california has just shut down in response to all of this to make sure that no one leaves their homes to prevent the spread of this virus.

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