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Todrick Hall BLASTS Kim Kardashian Over Feud and Katy Perry REMOVES Collab with Kanye!

Who do you think told the truth now?

Todrick Hall stepped into the feud between Taylor Swift and it did NOT end well. Todrick called out Kim for some of the tweets she put out about the ordeal with Kanye West, and Katy Perry even got involved without directly saying anything…

After many years of drama and turmoil, the full video of Kanye and Taylor Swift¡¯s phone call has FINALLY leaked and many celebrities took sides in the situation. With the full call finally out, friends of Taylor Swift like Todrick Hall and other celebs went after Kim Kardashian.

So across the internet was exploding after the release of Kim Kardashian¡¯s hidden camera conversation with Taylor Swift and Kanye West. The video, which was filmed without consent, gives the full rundown of how Taylor was fully unaware that Kanye was including her in his song titled ¡°Famous¡± with the infamous lyrics that say ¡°I made that b— famous.?In the video, one of the lyrics wasn¡¯t finished yet, and Kanye shared with Taylor the tentative lyric ¡°i think Taylor Swift might owe me sex,¡± but nothing more.

Kanye wanted Taylor to release the song to her fans, and you can hear how nervous and uncomfortable Taylor was on the phone. In the end, Taylor said she couldn¡¯t even approve a song she never heard,¡± which this video proves just that.? For years, Taylor faced public scrutiny and many snake emojis across her entire social media pages. But now, everyone is coming out of the woodwork to give Kim Kardashian a taste of her own medicine.

Kim went on a series of social posts on twitter claiming that Taylor chose to reignite an old exhcnage, and posted several tweets really defending herself and how she didn¡¯t edit or even manipulate the clips. Kim even went to say that this was going to be the last time she spoke on this and that she was ¡°sorry to bore you all with this.¡±

But Taylor¡¯s best Todrick Hall wasn¡¯t having any of it and went on an explosive rant on Instagram, calling out Kim¡¯s response and accusing her momager Kris Jenner of leaking the vid. He said ¡°After your Ray J video and publicly documenting every crevice of your vagina ¡­ I HIGHLY doubt that you¡¯re embarrassed NOW to respond to this,¡± He also claims Kris Jenner ¡°probably leaked¡± the full phone call herself.

As for the phone call, Todrick says the video speaks for itself. He went even further saying ¡°She was CLEARLY uncomfortable with the situation & after you publicly embarrass someone TWICE on national television, I think these calls should be going through management or some legit form of professional contact.¡±

He continues, ¡°1. No one would ever give permission without hearing the song. If they had time to shadily record all of this footage, they had time to shoot over an email with the finished product for approval once the song was done. 2. They failed to mention they were going to have a life-sized nude sized NUDE figure of Taylor in the bed with Kanye in the video.¡±

Anyway, Todrick goes on to slam Kim for comparison of the video to Taylor¡¯s Miss Americana documentary. Kim claimed that Kanye had ¡°a right as an artist to document his musical journey and process¡±, but Taylor actually asked for consent before filming anyone and got them to sign a waiver.

He concedes that on the one occasion he met Kim she was ¡°kind,¡± but he asks for her to ¡°do better¡± in how she handles this ongoing feud since she¡¯s setting an example not just for her kids but anyone who¡¯s witnessing this debacle. But he even left everyone with the definition of what editing truly is as well.

Todrick wasn¡¯t the only one to blast Kim though! Azalea Banks left everyone with this thought. ¡°Both Kanye and Taylor have music that will survive them in the afterlife. YOU have not made any eternal contributions to the world. 100 years from now Skims, kkwbeauty and that reality show will disappear from humanity¡¯s memory.¡± The controversial rapper also sided with Taylor, asking Kim to think about how she would feel if one of her daughters were in Tay¡¯s shoes.

Piers Morgan responded with ¡°Nobody gives a flying f–¡± and Katy Perry actually deleted her remix version of “E.T.”, which featured Kanye, from her This is Katy Perry playlist on Spotify after the video leaked. So wow, what do you think of this piping hot tea? Let us know if the comments below what team you are on and what you think may happen next.