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Trisha Paytas Announces RETIREMENT From Being a YouTuber

Is she really gone?

Trisha Paytas just said that she has lost her sense of creativity on YouTuber, and after nearly seven years online she¡¯s going into retirement.?Trisha Paytas is our kitchen floor queen on the internet. Paytas has been vlogging on YouTube since 2013, but recently, she¡¯s turned her attention to other ways to make content and to make money from that content, including TikTok, her podcast, and her NSFW content on the OnlyFans app.

I¡¯m honestly sad that I won¡¯t see her on her kitchen floor anymore telling me how she really feels about life though.?YouTube is no longer my priority,¡± Paytas said during a recent video. ¡°This the first time in my life I¡¯ve ever said that ¡­ I¡¯m just not getting great feedback anymore. I lost my passion and my creativity for it.¡±

She also talked about filming a porn scene with another woman that you can watch on her OnlyFans site, where you can pay $6 for 30 days of her NSFW material.

Paytas said she¡¯s not interested in becoming a full-time porn star but she was proud that she could check the scene off her ¡°bucket list.¡±

In the past 10 months, Paytas has been hugely controversial in the YouTube community. She got blasted for ghosting other content creators, beefed with Gabbie Hanna, and claimed she was a trans man. She¡¯d also feuded with YouTuber Ethan Klein after he body-shamed her and accused her of manipulating her Instagram photos, saying she went from ¡°beauty queen to WWF wrestler in 2 seconds.¡± But now all is forgiven since she¡¯ll be the new bachelorette on his H3 podcast.

In her video some of her fans voice their concerns about her leaving the platform that built her up.

One wrote: ¡°it’s so weird to have subbed to her for 8 years…saw her go from making target haul videos in her beach apartment showing us the halloween decorations she bought to this…wow. ¡° but some others came to say things like ¡°Don¡¯t worry guys, trish has at least 5 years worth of prerecorded videos for us lmaooooo,¡± and even ¡°Why is everyone acting like she said she will never post again? She just said she’s not gonna post as frequently. Most youtubers don’t post everyday anyway.¡±